New Year’s Eve Bash at The Winstar World Casino

In Parties on February 12, 2012 at 10:02 pm

I got to spend New Year’s Eve playing “Band Breaks” in the V.I.P. Tent at The Winstar World Casino in Oklahoma. And no, the band I was playing for was not Maroon 5—although they were there too! Even though it was technically a tent, the decor and lighting was really nice!

Beautiful Up-lighting display at Winstar World Casino

LED tree and LED Up-lighing….nice!

Here is a shot of the decor and lighting. Notice the balloon nets ready for the midnight drop and the LED lighted chandelier.

Beautiful Up-lighting and Decor at Winstar

Pretty lighting and decor in the V.I.P. tent

  The ballroom looked amazing! Here is a picture of the checkered dance floor, the LED backdrop and the “Hologram Neon Clock” that seems to float in the air. It made it easy to keep track of the time until the New Year!

Nice lighting and decor in the V.I.P. tent at the Winstar World Casino

Dance Floor and Stage before the start of the party

Event: New Year’s Eve Party

Venue: Winstar World Casino V.I.P. Tent, Oklahoma

Entertainment: Memphis Train Revue / David Allen Events


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