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Jill Meyer and Chris Davis Wedding hits a Home Run in Arlington Hall at Lee Park, Dallas

In Weddings on July 31, 2012 at 6:31 pm

Jillian Meyer and Former Texas Ranger (Current Baltimore Oriole) Chris Davis SCORED with their picture perfect Wedding Reception. Here is Jill’s Bridal Cake in the Foyer before the start of the Reception.

Beautiful Bridal Cake for Wedding at Arlington Hall, Dallas

Beautiful Bridal Cake in Foyer of Arlington Hall for Meyer/Davis Wedding

The Foyer in Arlington Hall at Lee Park has these beautiful arches which we made glow with our pink up-lights.

Arches in foyer of Arlington Hall, Dallas

Beautifully lit arches in Foyer of Arlington Hall at Lee Park, Dallas

During our planning sessions, Chris mentioned that he didn’t want everything to be “baseball themed.” (Being a bright guy, he knows that the wedding day is all about the bride!) However, his one concession was his Groom’s Cake.  Frosted Art Bakery “hit one out of the park” with this design.

Awesome Groom's Cake for Chris Davis wedding

Really nice baseball themed Groom’s Cake for Chris Davis’ wedding

Here is another picture of  the Groom’s Cake. Notice the cute little Bride and Groom cake toppers playing baseball in the background….

Meyer/Davis Wedding baseball Groom's Cake

Too cute!

We provided the lighting inside the ballroom. Our lighting, together with the decor, created a visual display that was simply breathtaking….

Meyer/Davis Ballroom at Arlington Hall with lighting and decor

The ballroom lighting and decor was amazing!

Here is a picture of Chris and Jill’s Sweetheart Table as the guests were enjoying a cocktail hour in the Foyer. Notice the “JDC” monogram gobo light we provided for the sweethearts….

Meyer/Davis Sweetheart Table with gobo light

Sweet lighting for the Sweethearts

The Coordinator was Luisa Selman with Amici Events . She put together an All Star Cast of decor, lighting and entertainment vendors! Here is a cool “reflective shot” of the main ballroom.

Bridal Party table and ballroom for Wedding at Arlington Hall at Lee Park, Dallas

Beautiful lighting and decor!

Bella Flora provided these amazing floral displays.

Beautiful Floral display at Arlington Hall in Dallas

Simply beautiful

The happy couple on their wedding day.

Wedding bride and groom for Arlington Hall at Lee Park, Dallas

Picture Perfect!

Here is a nice picture of the Cake Cutting Ceremony as they cut the  beautiful Bridal Cake. This amazing cake was created by Frosted Art Bakery.

Beautiful Bridal Cake Cutting for Wedding at Arlington Hall at Lee Park, Dallas

Almost too beautiful to cut…..almost

Once the Cake Cutting Ceremony was completed, Jill Meyer and Chris Davis are ready for the Formal Toasts….and a Photo Shoot!

Jill and Chris are ready to be toasted at their wedding in Dallas

Picture perfect once again!

Chris and Jill are all smiles as they share their First Dance as husband and wife.

Bride and Groom First Dance at Wedding Reception in Dallas

All smiles!

With the formalities finished, it was time to get the party started! Here, we see that the guests are feeling the “party vibe!”

The guests at Chris and Jill's Wedding at Arlington Park in Dallas are ready to party!

“Oh yeah! I’m feeling this DJ—let’s go dance!”

Here we are doing The Wobble. “Wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble!” Notice the “JDC” Monogram, which had been on the dance floor, is now up on the wall in the corner and slowly rotating……

DJ/MC/Entertainer David Allen leads the Meyer/Davis guests in doing "The Wobble"

Fun times dancing!

At the conclusion of the Wedding Reception, all of the guests line up outside for the Grand Exit. After we clear the ballroom, Jill and Chris take a moment to share a Private Last Dance alone on their dance floor….

Jill and Chris share a Private Last Dance at their Wedding Reception in Dallas

Jill and Chris sharing a private moment at the end of their Wedding Reception

Before their Grand Exit, Jill and Chris pause to take a quick shot with their new favorite DJ!

Jill and Chris have a new favorite DJ

The happy couple with their new favorite DJ, David Allen

Here they go on their new life together as husband and wife! We wish Chris all kinds of success for the 2012 Baseball Season! (Except, of course, when he is playing against his old teammates, our beloved Texas Rangers!)

Jill and Chris have a Grand Exit at the end of their Wedding Reception in Dallas

Off to start their new life together as husband and wife!


Event: Jillian Meyer and Chris Davis Wedding Reception

Venue: Arlington Hall at Lee Park, Dallas

Coordinator: Luisa Selman with Amici Events

Entertainment: David Allen Events

Photography: Stephanie Davis

Florist: Bella Flora

Cake Artist: Frosted Art

Videography: U on DVD

Decor: Bella Flora

Lighting: David Allen Events


Lisa and Jason’s Wedding at Bent Tree Country Club, Irving

In Weddings on February 21, 2012 at 5:51 pm

I laughed more at this wedding, than at any wedding I can remember for a long time! Jason is a Star Wars Geek, so here is the groom’s cake you saw as you walked into the ballroom!Star Wars Themed Cake at Bent Tree Country Club Wedding

Here is a picture of the Groom’s cake next to the Bride’s cake—what a combo!

Groom's Cake and Bride's Cake at Bent Tree Country Club in Irving

Groom's Cake upstaging Bride's Cake

Then, if his cake wasn’t bad enough, Jason had a Stormtrooper helmet stashed under the table and pulled it out during the cake cutting!

Groom's Cake Cutting of Wedding Cake with a touch of flair

Jason going over the top with the whole Star Wars thing

Well eventually, we got to the dancing and people took turns donning the helmet and dancing on the floor….

Star Wars Helmet on the dance floor at Wedding Reception

Having some fun on the dance floor

Of course, everybody just about fell out when the Bride herself put the helmet on and started dancing!

Bride dancing during her wedding reception with Storm Trooper helmet on

Well, at least it matches her Wedding Dress!

This move brought the house down!

Lisa brings the house down at her wedding

Oh no she didn't! Star Wars Geeks around the world would be so proud!

I get caught up in the festivities, grab the helmet and start to DJ with it!

David Allen just having fun with it at Wedding Reception

DJ Storm Trooper is in the house!

Event: Lisa and Jason’s Wedding Reception

Venue: Bent Tree Country Club, Irving

Entertainment: David Allen Events

Photography: Matthew Chad Photography

Cake Artist: Fancy Cakes by Lauren